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Clarkslegal Colour Brand Identity by Peek Creative Limited

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Our approach

To position the firm's brand and help them market the firm more effectively


Our approach

In today’s competitive business landscape, a strong brand identity is essential for success. Clarkslegal, a renowned law firm, recognised the need to revitalise its brand and enlisted the expertise of Peek.

The collaborative journey between Peek and Clarkslegal was secured by the challenges faced, the strategic approach employed, and the transformative results attained.

Our Challenge

Clarkslegal, with a history spanning more than 100 years, has established a solid reputation in the legal industry. However, the firm recognised that its brand identity was not effectively reflecting its innovative and progressive nature. The challenge was to redefine Clarkslegal’s brand to align with its values, expertise, and client-centric approach while maintaining its established reputation.

Strategic Planning

Peek began the project by conducting extensive research and engaging in thorough discussions with Clarkslegal’s stakeholders. This process aimed to gain a deep understanding of the firm’s culture, core values, target audience, and market positioning. The insights gathered formed the foundation for the strategic planning phase.

Defining the Brand Essence

Peek and Clarkslegal collaborated closely to define a brand essence that captured the firm's unique identity. We identified the core attributes that distinguished Clarkslegal from its competitors, such as expertise, innovation, client focus, and trustworthiness. The essence became the guiding principle for all future brand development activities.
Clarkslegal Brand Identity by Peek Creative Limited

Crafting the visual identity

To visually communicate the new brand essence, Peek embarked on designing a fresh and impactful visual identity for Clarkslegal. Drawing inspiration from the firm’s values and industry trends, Peek developed a modern symbol and logotype that portrayed professionalism, reliability, and forward-thinking. The colour palette and typography were carefully chosen to evoke a sense of trust, approachability, and authority.

Building a Consistent Brand Experience

Peek recognised the importance of a cohesive brand experience across all touchpoints. We collaborated with Clarkslegal’s Management and Marketing teams to develop brand guidelines that ensured consistency in tone of voice, messaging, visual elements, and customer interactions. These guidelines enabled Clarkslegal to present a unified brand image online, in print, and during client engagements.

Digital Transformation

Peek guided Clarkslegal through a comprehensive digital transformation to amplify the impact of the new brand. This involved redesigning the firm's website, incorporating the refreshed visual identity and optimising user experience. Peek also leveraged digital marketing strategies to increase Clarkslegal’s online visibility, engagement, and lead generation.

Internal Adoption and Training

To ensure the successful implementation of the new brand, workshops and training sessions were conducted for Clarkslegal’s employees. These sessions aimed to foster brand advocacy, educate staff on the brand’s values, and empower them to deliver a consistent brand experience at every touchpoint.
Clarkslegal - Website - People page - By Peek Creative Limited
“Peek completely transformed our online presence. They didn’t just build and redesign our website, they also gave us a stronger brand and a prominent position in the legal marketplace. Their incredible ideas and strategies have really boosted our brand awareness and helped us connect with new audiences. It’s been such an amazing journey with them.”
Emma Wheal​ - Marketing Manager

Results and Impact

The brand transformation has had a significant impact on Clarkslegal’s positioning and market perception. The firm experienced increased brand recognition and resonance, attracting a broader range of clients, including startups and technology companies seeking innovative legal advice. Clarkslegal’s revamped website saw a substantial increase in organic traffic and conversion rates, resulting in a notable uptick in business opportunities for the firm.

Elevating the Market Position

The partnership between Peek and Clarkslegal resulted in a successful brand transformation that elevated Clarkslegal’s market position and enhanced its brand equity. By aligning the firm’s visual identity, messaging, and customer experience with its core values, Peek empowered Clarkslegal to connect with its target audience more effectively and authentically. This case study of Peek’s collaboration with Clarkslegal exemplifies the power of strategic branding in driving business growth and differentiation in professional services.

The results

Actionable, impactful marketing tactics developed
Brand and Website overhauled and refreshed
A clear marketing plan developed and delivered

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