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How did Peek help to deliver extraordinary outcomes for this specialist law firm?

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Berrymans Lace Mawer


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Our approach

Peek worked with Berrymans and then subsequently with Berrymans Lace Mawer for more than 15 years. During this time we provided guidance on their branding, marketing, collateral, websites and their online presence, supporting them throughout their growth and merger.


Our approach

For this project, our approach involved collaborating with BLM’s partners to position the firm’s brand effectively and maximise their marketing efforts. Prior to their merger with Lace Mawer, we worked closely with Berrymans to establish their brand. Throughout the years, we continued to support BLM’s partners and marketing teams, playing a vital role in shaping the eventual success of the firm. Our involvement encompassed various projects, including two branding initiatives, numerous strategic marketing campaigns, and several award-winning marketing endeavours. It was a delight for Peek to contribute to the firm’s achievements over the extensive duration of our collaboration.


BLM’s goal was to be recognised as one of the leading global insurance and risk law specialists by 2020. They wanted to be working with more customers across more lines of business and in more locations than ever before.

They considered themselves to be more than an insurance and risk law firm - by being firmly embedded into the insurance sector. As well as having more experts in the sector than any of their competitors, their ‘one team’ philosophy delivered extraordinary outcomes for their customers. Fundamentally, they helped them to reduce the time and money they spend on managing risk and resolving disputes.

BLM had an efficient service delivery model that maximised their skills, training and intelligence to help make customers’ lives better and more successful. It is for this reason that they were described in customer surveys and legal directories as a firm with “its finger on the pulse of the market” and as a “technical powerhouse”.

They established a deep-rooted presence in the general insurance sector, the London Market and amongst brokers. They also had a significant presence among corporate businesses many of whom are multi-national, the public sector and the health and care industry.

BLM merged with Clyde & Co in 2022.
“Working closely with such a dedicated, diverse and interesting set of people provided us with invaluable insights into the legal sector that enabled us to learn directly how to provide impact for the firm.”
Stephen Creamer - Managing Director - Peek Creative

Our solution and impact

Over the course of nearly two decades, our collaboration with BLM yielded significant results. 

Our consistent support and guidance helped shape successful branding initiatives, strategic marketing campaigns, and events. We served as a reliable sounding board, assisting in steering ideas and campaigns and ensuring brand implementation was on point. We hope our contributions played a role in the firm’s achievements, and it was truly satisfying to be a part of their success.

The results

Actionable, impactful marketing tactics
Policing the brand and ensuring its values aligned with its visual representation
Marketing plans developed and delivered

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