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Considering a new brand name or rebrand? Our professional brand naming services provide a strategic blend of creativity and industry insight.

In an evolving legal market, a well-crafted brand name significantly differentiates your firm. More than a label, it’s a potent aspect of your brand identity, embodying your firm’s values, expertise, and reputation.

The impetus for renaming often stems from mergers or demergers. While the conventional method merges existing names, this can overlook new opportunities and fail to convey your intended proposition. Some contemporary law firm structures now mirror broader naming and branding trends, engaging diverse audiences in novel ways.

Our objective in developing your new brand name is to create a resonant, distinctive identity that articulates your firm’s ethos and distinguishes it in a competitive marketplace.

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Understanding the naming landscape

Working with you and your knowledge, we carry out a brief review of the competitive landscape focussing on the following points to ensure that any names and structures put forward for consideration do not cause confusion with something that is already in existence in the marketplace. We will be looking at:

  • What brand names the competitors use
  • What brand structure the competitors use
  • Listing of competitors product portfolio names
  • Setting names into a positioning map for reference

Defining your brand proposition and positioning

A clearly defined brand proposition will create desire and deliver the brand’s promise. Put simply, it acts as your brand’s guarantee of consistency and quality and provides your customers with this understanding so that they can choose your product or service in preference to that of your competitors. It acts as your desired differentiation. In order for brands to stay ahead in changing times, they need to remain constantly desirable.

Your brand needs to be: Clear, compelling, differentiating and measurable. A promise that your customers and all your other stakeholders care about.

Any new brand created is informed by, and feeds directly back into, what your business is trying to achieve. Which means the business will witness tangible results that accelerate growth. And we don’t believe that branding should be a process that takes months to complete, we can create a new brand in as little as three weeks.

Why is the right brand name so important? 

We will draw up a short-list of names and propose these names for your consideration. We will evaluate the names based on a key set of criteria. As well as ensuring that the name evokes a number of your brand personality traits.

We will also check if the brand personality traits point towards a particular type of name. Build a story to support the name using your criteria and to support your value proposition.

Common considerations at this point will be memorability, uniqueness, recognition as well as softer considerations around appearance and sound.

How do you choose the right name?

Evaluating the name is critical. Skills in linguistics, marketing, brand trends and naming approaches all need to be applied creatively to develop a company name that resonates with the target audiences.

It isn’t just creating a name that is the challenge. It can also be challenging to get your key stakeholders to agree on a new name. Individuals will often fall in love with a name as soon as they hear it, regardless of whether it is suitable for the business, or not. It is essential to understand the criteria which the name must meet before the process begins to help balance out the heart and head.

Some people believe that their new brand name will do all the heavy lifting of engagement and perception, but this takes time to achieve. However, having a great name is a good start. The messaging and brand experience are built up over time with the use of ongoing marketing activities. Famous brand names that have catapulted to fame initially still require continuous effort to keep them on track. Being top of mind and establishing yourself in the marketplace, for the right reasons, takes time and energy for longevity.
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Are you in need of a resonant, distinctive new brand name that articulates your firm's ethos and distinguishes it the marketplace?

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Expert Strategists

Our team comprises seasoned strategists, linguists and designers with a deep understanding of the legal industry. We have worked in the legal sector for more than 25 years. Peek's expertise is not confined to any particular segment within the legal industry.

Proven Success

Trusted by clients such as Carter Perry Bailey, Ellex, Birketts, Tees Law, Day Sparkes, Cains, Barr Ellison, Blackstone Chambers, Tennyson Chambers, Emma Rowe, Rebecca Murray and Anna Gardner, we have a track record of helping law firms stand out and succeed no matter how large or small they may be.

Tailored Approach

Our strategies are tailored to the unique strengths and goals of your law firm. At Peek, we pride ourselves on our ability to collaborate closely with our clients and deliver exceptional results that drive growth for their law firms. Our expertise in design and marketing, combined with our commitment to adding value, creativity, and technical excellence, sets us apart.
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“Peek did a fantastic job in such a short amount of time. We were concerned that our timeframe was just too unrealistic to achieve such a complex brand naming brief, but they kept us informed at each stage of the process and produced a fantastic result.”
Raimonds Slaidiņš • Senior Partner • Ellex
Raimonds Slaidiņš Ellex

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