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Attract a steady stream of potential clients to your law firm’s website with our expert Google ads campaign setup to maximise your reach

Supercharge your law firm's online presence and attract high-quality leads through strategic Google Ads campaigns. Our comprehensive Google Ads Campaign Setup service is designed to drive targeted traffic, enhance visibility, and ultimately, boost your firm's success.

Welcome to Peek, where we understand the power of precision in online marketing.

Our Google Ads Campaign Setup package is your key to unlocking the full potential of targeted advertising for your law firm.

The campaign setup advantage

Strategic Keyword Targeting

We identify and optimise for the most relevant keywords in your legal service or niche, ensuring your ads are seen by potential clients actively searching for legal services.

Demographic Precision

Tailor your campaigns to reach specific demographics, ensuring your message resonates with the audience most likely to convert into clients.

What’s included

Identify high-value keywords relevant to your law firm's practice areas

At Peek, our Keyword Research and Selection service is your key to optimising the online visibility of your law firm. Our expert team conducts a meticulous process to identify and choose high-value keywords directly aligned with your Practice Areas and Services. By leveraging our strategic approach, we ensure that your online content, from website pages to advertisements, resonates with the terms your potential clients are using in their searches for legal services. 

This targeted selection of keywords enhances your firm's presence on search engine results pages, driving qualified traffic to your online platforms. Our goal is to position your law firm in front of individuals actively seeking legal assistance in your specific service areas, ultimately maximising your digital presence and increasing the likelihood of attracting valuable clients.

Craft compelling and tailored ad copies that attract attention and drive clicks

Ad Copy Creation is a cornerstone of our service offerings at Peek, where we specialise in crafting compelling and tailored advertisements designed to captivate your audience and prompt meaningful engagement. Our expert team takes a strategic approach to develop ad copy that not only grabs attention but also resonates with your target audiences.

By aligning the content with the unique selling propositions of your law firm and the needs of potential clients, we ensure that your ads stand out in the crowded digital landscape. Our goal is to not only attract attention but also to drive clicks, encouraging users to take the desired actions that lead to increased brand visibility and, ultimately, conversions for your legal services. With our Ad Copy Creation service, we transform your messaging into a powerful tool for attracting and converting potential clients.

Pinpoint your ideal audience based on demographics, location, and other key factors

Demographic Targeting is a core component of our service repertoire at Peek, allowing us to fine-tune your advertising strategy for optimal results. With this service, we go beyond generic outreach, enabling your law firm to precisely target your ideal audience based on key factors such as demographics and location. Our expert team meticulously analyses the relevant data to identify the characteristics of your most valuable potential clients.

By understanding the nuances of your target audience, we tailor your campaigns to resonate with specific demographics, ensuring that your messaging is not only seen by the right people but also effectively speaks to their needs. This strategic approach enhances the efficiency of your marketing efforts, driving engagement and conversions among individuals most likely to benefit from and engage with your legal services. With Demographic Targeting, we empower your law firm to reach the right audience with pinpoint accuracy.
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Why choose Peek?

Google Ads Experts

Our team comprises certified Google Ads specialists with a proven track record. We have worked in the legal sector for more than 25 years. Peek's expertise is not confined to any particular segment within the legal industry.

Lead Generation Focus

We're dedicated to driving leads and maximizing your campaign's conversion potential.

Transparent Reporting

Regular reports and insights to track the success and ROI of your Google Ads investment.

Proven Success

Trusted by clients such as Carter Perry Bailey, Ellex, Birketts, Tees Law, Day Sparkes, Cains, Barr Ellison, Blackstone Chambers, Tennyson Chambers, Emma Rowe, Rebecca Murray and Anna Gardner, we have a track record of helping law firms stand out and succeed no matter how large or small they may be.

Tailored Approach

Our strategies are tailored to the unique strengths and goals of your law firm. At Peek, we pride ourselves on our ability to collaborate closely with our clients and deliver exceptional results that drive growth for their law firms. Our expertise in design and marketing, combined with our commitment to adding value, creativity, and technical excellence, sets us apart.
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“The clever advertising campaign was an unquestionable success, bringing a newfound level of brand recognition and awareness of Kinstellar brand. Our visibility skyrocketed, allowing us to reach more clients with our services.”
Adela Ene • Head of Marketing • Kinstellar
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